Announcements and Order of Worship – July 19 2019

Sermon Preview

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

As you know, the parables of Jesus are scattered through all four Gospels, with the bulk of them located in the ‘Synoptic Gospels’ (those that are similar, Matthew, Mark, and Luke).  When one of these parables is found multiple times in the Gospel accounts, we need to pay particular attention to it. For some reason, the Holy Spirit has seen fit to record it for us more than once.

In Matthew 21:33-46, Mark 12:1-12, and Luke 20:9-19 we discover the ‘Parable of the Vineyard’ (also called the ‘Parable of the Vine-growers,’ or the ‘Parable of the Land-owner’). Like the other stories that Jesus told, this one also deals with the Kingdom of Heaven. But this parable is uniquely directed against the religious and spiritual leaders of Israel. You can see this as you examine the context, or setting of this story. For example, in Mark’s account you’ll note the context of the parable beginning in 11:1 with the ‘Triumphal Entry’ of Jesus into Jerusalem during the final week of His earthly life. From there, He is confronted by Israel’s religious establishment, and He gives this parable to them as a counterattack upon their rejection of God’s Kingdom.

As with all of Jesus’ parables, there is much for us to learn here about our Savior and about His gracious reign. On Sunday, we will follow Mark’s version of this parable, and we will walk with our Lord through the details of this story as we seek to learn the valuable lessons of salvation and discipleship.

VBS 2019

Before I go, let me express our gratitude to the Lord for such a blessed week of VBS! Our children had a wonderful time discovering more about the story of Jonah, and how that ancient drama shows us the wonder and glory of the Gospel. We are so very thankful for Ashley Turnbull and each of the teachers, leaders, and helpers who sacrificially gave their time and effort to the Lord’s great work in the hearts of our precious little ones!

I love you all so very much!! What a joy it is to serve our Lord with you!


Upcoming Events:

July 21, 2 PM – Davie Bridal Shower at Kim Fohrell’s house
July 30, 10 AM – Senior Fellows Bags of Blessings
July 30, 6 PM – Bags O’ Blessings packing at The CARE Center
August 3, 6 PM – College and Career Fellowship and Cookout at Daughtry home
August 11, 4:30 PM – Psummer Psalms recitation
August 12, 6 PM – Women’s Book Club Potluck at Debi Walker’s house
September 8, 9 AM – Sunday School resumes
September 18, 6 PM – Deacons Meeting
September 20, 6 PM – Marriage Enrichment Evening and Dinner

Order of Worship:

You can access this week’s Order of Worship by clicking here

If you’d like to sing the songs with your family beforehand, the songs for this week are:

Man of Sorrows, What a Name – Hymn 246, all 5 verses
The Precious Blood
Be Thou My Vision – Hymn 642, vs. 1-2, 4-5
Hark the Voice of Love and Mercy (It is Finished)

Counselor’s Corner:

The Tech-Wise Family Part II
How does your use of technology impact your life’s pursuits?  Continuing to consider the book The Tech-Wise Family, Crouch prods us to consider the difference between technology and tools.  While technology affords us the ability to do many things with ease and speed, it will also detract from our ability to cultivate certain skills.  Here we consider the notion of discipline and how technology affects the shape of our being disciplined in our life.  Most importantly, we want to evaluate the personal impact technology has on our discipline as a disciple of Jesus. Click here to read the latest entry!


VBS: Vacation Bible School was a huge success! Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen, and special thanks to the children who, along with a match from the Session, raised $700, which will go towards the “Island to Island” project and Steve and Rita Williams in New Zealand! If you’d like to see a heart-warming video of the week’s activities, click here.

Summer Schedule: Christ Pres is on Summer Schedule, which means Sunday School and regular weekly activities are on hiatus. Our weekly time of fellowship begins at 10 AM, with worship beginning at 10:30 AM. Regular weekly activities resume September 3 and Sunday School resumes September 8.

Bags of Blessings: Members, Our church will pack “Bags of Blessings” food bags at the Care Center, New Hope at 6 PM, Tuesday, 30 July. These food bags are given out by public school teachers on Fridays to children not receiving adequate food on weekends. We need about 25 church helpers to accomplish this important job. If you would like to help, sign up at the table in the narthex. The packing will take place in a warehouse on Main Street in New Hope, next to the City Hall (on right facing City Hall). Take New Hope exit off Hwy 431. This is Main street and it goes by City Hall. Please arrive before 6 PM. The job should take 1-1.5 hours to complete, and children can help. Thanks for your support.

Women’s Book Club Fellowship: Title of book is Even Better than Eden by Nancy Guthrie. Meets Monday nights starting June 10th from 630-8pm at 2 locations
Home of Sharon Daughtry 5726 Jones Valley Dr HSV 256-520 0824
Home of Debi Walker 8538 Sedgebrook SE 256 929-3214
Aug 12th wrap up potluck fellowship for both groups at home of Debi Walker
We will not meet the week of VBS July 15-18

Psummer Psalms: Everyone in the congregation is invited to memorize one entire Psalm this summer, then join us for a recitation at the church, followed by ice cream, Sunday, Aug 11, 4:30pm. “How sweet are your words to my taste…” Psalm 119:103  Recitation can be individual, or together in a group or family. We had a great group last year–young and old sharing God’s word out loud and with conviction. If interested, email for periodic encouragement and accountability.

Senior Fellows: On Tuesday, July 30 at 10:00 AM the Senior Fellows will meet at Sam’s Club on South Parkway to transport food to the Care Center in preparation for packing Bags of Blessings.

College and Career Fellowship: There will be a College and Career Fellowship and Cook-out on Saturday August 3 at 6 PM at the home of Jim and Sharon Daughtry.

Huntsville Pregnancy Center Baby Shower and Crochet: Join us for a special time of fellowship and a Baby Shower to benefit the Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center (HPRC) on Saturday, August 3rd from 9:30-11:00 at the home of Laurie Bower. Stop by the Welcome desk in the Narthex to sign up to attend and to pick up a list of needed items for Huntsville’s newest citizens.  There will be a brief presentation by a staff member from the center. Also if you crochet, the HPRC would love to have some handmade caps for newborns. These caps are presented to the moms as they receive a positive pregnancy result so it is the first gift for the baby. You can bring the caps to the baby shower. Contact Christina Bagdazian at 256.812.2442 or with questions.

Bridal Shower for Maddie Davie :We are excited to honor Ms. Maddie Davie, daughter of Gerry and Renee Davie, with a bridal shower on Sunday, July 21st from 2-4pm at the home of Kim Fohrell (3113 Haddonstone Drive, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763). Maddie and Matthew are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond,, Amazon.

Please join us in this time of fellowship and fun as we enjoy celebrating her upcoming marriage. RSVP by gong to and contact Kim Fohrell if you have any questions about the event. (256-426-1683)

Prayer Requests:

Healing: Please pray for the health of the following individuals: Pam Thomason, John Baxter, Pat Galecki, Jim Daughtry, Bill Cowley, Larrabee Kirkland, Chris Smotherman, Elizabeth Holton, Janet Chou, Ramona Edwards, and Nolan Osmer.
Expecting: Please pray for the Bryant family, expecting in September, and the Thoms, expecting in November.
Ministries: Please pray for the following missionaries and ministries: Seth and Jessica Lewis (Ireland); Steve and Rita Williams (New Zealand); Vinnie and Molly Athey (RUF at UAH); RUF at Alabama A&M; Ken and Angie Burnett (FCA).


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