Special Thursday Note

Dear Church Family,

I want to take just a moment to tell you about a special day in the life of our Church. On Sunday May 2, there will be two very important events that we hope you’ll be a part of.

First, as you know, this is the day of our Church Picnic. We look forward to a blessed time of fellowship on the Church grounds from 4 to 7 PM.

Also on that day we are having a special presentation for our Adults in Sunday School beginning at 9:30 AM.

Over the last several months our Deacons and Building Committee have been developing a plan for the construction of an educational/fellowship facility. You may remember that when we originally built our new Church building, we were not at that time able to construct as much education and fellowship space as we desired. Now, some seven years later, we are at a place where we can consider this possibility. There is certainly a need for more room to expand our ability to engage in Christian education and in the level of fellowship that we all long for.

The Building Committee, under the direction of the Session, has completed their initial work of designing this addition. We would like for you to see these beautiful plans, and hear a presentation from the Committee about the possibility of beginning construction.

Of course, the COVID pandemic has introduced a significant degree of uncertainly into the prospects of entering into a building program. There is much we do not yet know about the future, especially in terms of the economy, the availability of construction materials, and the price per square foot for this proposed facility. We need God’s wisdom concerning if and when to build.

In light of this, we would ask you to do two things. Please attend this informational meeting on May 2 at 9:30 AM in the Worship Center. Then, please enter with us into a time of concerted prayer for God’s will to be very clear for us. Should we build? When should we build, now or later? And will construction costs go down after the pandemic subsides? These are the questions we are facing. And we need your prayers as we seek answers. The decision to build, if and when it is made, will be one for the whole congregation. So we all need to seek the Lord fervently over the next several weeks.

In addition to the presentation that will be made in Sunday School, the Building Committee will set up a display in the Church house that you may inspect during the picnic. Members of the Building Committee will also be present at that time to answer any questions or receive any input you might have.

We look forward to a great day together, and I hope you can be with us!

I love you all so very much,