Announcements – August 4, 2023

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I trust that, like me, you have been spiritually nourished and challenged by our Sunday morning study of the many interesting questions that our Lord raised during His earthly ministry.  As we have examined the many interrogatory sayings of our Savior, we have discovered that there is a depth to the ‘red letters’ in our Bibles that, just perhaps, we have not fully recognized before.
My suspicion is that we will again be pleasantly surprised this coming Lord’s Day we begin an investigation of the words recorded in Matthew 19:1-9.  Placed within the drama depicted by Matthew (yet another encounter between Jesus and the Pharisees) is nothing short of a bombshell question raised by Jesus.  Without sounding unnecessarily dramatic, this may well be the most fundamental, sweeping, and controversial question that Jesus ever asked. In fact, I might even suggest that this one question touches the most significant issue of our day, and exposes the very epicenter of the spiritual and moral inferno that is raging before our eyes.  I believe that what we will discover in Matthew 19:4 is so very relevant and fundamental that we will spend two weeks examining these simple, yet massively weighty words of the Savior.
Let me encourage you to do a little homework before Sunday and take time to get familiar with the episode found in Matthew 19:1-9.  Then, let’s all pray that the Spirit of God will empower and bless the preaching and hearing of our Lord’s Holy Word.
I love you all so very much, and I find my greatest delight in serving our Lord with you!


Welcome to Christ Presbyterian Church! Thank you for joining us for worship. If this is your first time visiting our church, please fill out a visitor card and place it in the offerings box at the back of the sanctuary. If you have any needs or would like additional information, please see one of our elders or deacons. Finally, if you require hearing assistance or a pew cushion, please see one of our men in the sound booth at the rear of the sanctuary.

Children’s Ministry
• Sunday School: Sunday School returns on Sept. 10th at 9:15 a.m. Please register your infants -12th graders on Church Center.
• Nursery – If you would like to serve in our nursery during service, contact Amanda Dean.

Women’s Ministry
• Senior Sisters meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday, 10-11:30am
• Senior Sisters exercise class meets Mondays at the church, 10-11:30am
• Monthly lunch 1st Thursday of the month at Timbers Edge Clubhouse at 11

Men’s Ministry
• Senior Fellows next breakfast will be at 9 AM on Tuesday, Sept. 5th. Our Summer Book Study, ‘We Cannot be Silent’ by Albert Mohler, meets at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, Aug. 16.
• Reformation Cup Golf Tournament – The annual men’s golf tournament between Huntsville area churches will be on Friday, August 25th at RTJ Hampton Cove. Please contact Ben Calvert for registration and details.

Creations Fellowship and CPC Ice Cream Social – The creations showcase and ice cream social will be on Sunday, August 27th from 3 to 5 at the church.

Career Ministry – Bible study & fellowship meets at the home of Jim and Sharon Daughtry, Sundays at 5:30 PM.

Fall Supper Club – Sign-up is available through Aug. 20. Please see the announcement and link on the church website. See for detailed news and upcoming events.

PRAYER REQUESTS Healing – Please pray for the health of the following individuals: Collins Bailey, Perry Calvert, Bill Cowley, Elizabeth Holton, Steve Terry and Kristy York

Expecting – Please pray for the Paseurs due in August, the Prinzingers, Lancasters, Elliotts and Joe and Jennifer Calvert, all expecting in October and the Tomlinsons due in November.

Ministries: Please pray for the following missionaries and ministries:
• Seth and Jessica Lewis (Ireland)
• Steve and Rita Williams (New Zealand)
• Noah and Karleigh Stephens (Thailand)
• Vinnie and Molly Athey (RUF at UAH)
• Marcus and Jessica Nobles (RUF at Alabama A&M)
• Ken and Angie Burnett (FCA)
• Franky and Alaina Garcia (church plant in Canada)
• Dieter and Marty Paulson (church plant in Scottsboro, AL)
• Gannon Miles (seminary student)
• The Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center