Song of Solomon Resources

The Song of Solomon

Adult Sunday School Class

CPC Fall 2021

Resources for the Study of the Song of Solomon


  • Lloyd Carr. The Song of Solomon. Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries. Inter-Varsity Press, 1984.
  • Iain M. Duguid. The Song of Songs. Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries. Inter-Varsity Press, 2015.
  • Tom Gledhill. The Message of the Song of Songs: The Lyrics of Love. The Bible Speaks Today Series. Inter-Varsity Press, 1994.
  • Douglas Sean O’ Donnell. The Song of Songs: An Invitation to Intimacy. Preaching the Word Series. Crossway, 2012.

Old Testament Theologies:

  • Mark Dever. The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made. Crossway, 2006 (pp. 547-564).
  • Paul R. House. Old Testament Theology. Inter-Varsity Press, 1998 (pp. 463-469).

Lesson One: Four Approaches to the Interpretation of the Song

One: As Allegory

Two: As Typology

Three: As Drama

Four: As Literal or Natural

The Vocabulary of the Song

(See Carr, pp. 41-44)

The Song Contains Many Uncommon Hebrew Words:

The Song Contains Many Words that Are Consistent with Love Poetry:

The Song Does Not Mention God or Any Significant Theological Terms or Concepts:

Some Guideposts for Our Study of the Song

(See O’Donnell, pp. 15-25)

One: It Is a Song

Two: It Is a Song About Human Love

Three: It Is a Song Found in the Bible

Four: It Is a Song Designed to Give Us Wisdom

Key Issues in the Study of the Song

(See Gledhill, pp. 19-39)

The Role of Solomon:

The Morality of the Song:

God, Sexuality and Allegory:

The Song in the Canon of Scripture:

An Outline and Overview of the Song

(See Paul House, pp. 463-469)

God’s Sovereignty Over Declarations of Love (1:2-27)

God’s Sovereignty Over Sexual Desire (2:8-3:5)

God’s Sovereignty Over Marriage (3:6-5:1)

God’s Sovereignty Over the Separation of Lovers (5:2-6:3)

God’s Sovereignty Over Marital Satisfaction (6:4-8:4)

God’s Sovereignty Over Marital Commitments (8:5-14)