What time do services start?

We have Sunday School classes for all ages starting at 9:15 AM, with the exception of the Summer quarter when we typically do not have classes. From 10:00 until 10:30, we have a time of fellowship, followed by our worship service at 10:30. We also have a variety of bible studies, home groups, and other meetings that take place throughout the week. Please see our calendar for updates.

Where are you located?

Our church is located at 288 Old Highway 431 in Owens Cross Roads, directly across the street from Hampton Cove Elementary School. Click on the address for directions.

What is your worship like?

We have a blended style of worship that is true to the Reformed Christian faith. Each service lasts about an hour and a half and typically follows the same basic order.

The service begins with a Call to Worship. The Call to Worship is God’s invitation to us. Biblical worship is a dialogue with God where he initiates, calls, and draws us by his grace and we respond in praise, humility, thanksgiving, and faith.

The service continues with a Prayer of Adoration. We respond to God’s call with prayer, praising him and asking him to minister to us.

We sing traditional hymns as well as contemporary songs and choruses as part of our musical praises of God. These are usually guitar or piano led, but with heavy emphasis on congregational singing. Worship is a corporate activity, not a performance.

We feature a time of Confession of Sin and Assurance of Pardon. Confession is a normal and essential part of our relationship with God. Humility and honesty about our sin are welcome and safe in the presence of God. The Good News of Jesus Christ is that we are forgiven of our sin by faith in Christ’s substitution for us on the cross. Because of this substitution, we have assurance that our sins have been pardoned.

Our service also features several lengthy scripture readings. We believe the scriptures are given by inspiration of God to be the authoritative and inerrant rule of faith and life. The Spirit makes the reading and preaching of God’s Word a powerful means of nourishing and comforting God’s people, and awakening people to new faith. We also have a regular time of congregational prayer, where we corporately bring our needs to the Lord.

Each service features our pastor presenting a roughly 45 minute message expounding the truths of God’s Word. The sermons are expository, and are meant to explain or describe something about a particular passage or even a single verse. The content is driven by the particular passage of scripture. We believe God uses the words of the sermon to work in the hearts and minds of the hearers, calling them to repentance and faith.

The center of Jesus’ celebration with his disciples was the institution of the Lord’s Supper. Because of its tremendous significance, we take the Lord’s Supper every week at the conclusion of the sermon. Our belief is that communion is one of God’s means of grace, helping us to grow in our desire for Christ.

God has blessed us by graciously inviting us to worship and by reminding us of his astonishing grace in Jesus Christ. We end each service with a song and a Benediction, which serve as a reminder of God’s promises to bless us throughout our week.

How can I become a member?

We welcome into our local body, without reservation or bias, anyone who trusts in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. With membership comes great privilege and blessing as well as great responsibility. As such, we view it as far more than a mere formality. If you desire to pursue membership, please see one of the elders or deacons to sign up for the New Members class. These classes are offered several times a year and will help you understand the beliefs and overall philosophy of our church. Attending the class does not obligate you to become a member, but class attendance is mandatory for everyone before joining.

Can I get married at your church?

At Christ Presbyterian, we believe the covenant of marriage is a serious thing, involving joyous celebration as well as accountability from family, friends, and other members of the congregation. For that reason, we restrict weddings at our church facility to those who are members of the church. For more information about becoming a member, please see the previous entry.

What about giving?

At Christ Presbyterian, we have chosen not to pass an offering plate. While some may find that strange, we strongly encourage all believers to participate in growing God’s kingdom by giving of your time, talents, and financial resources. We receive monetary contributions to our ministry via the offering boxes set up at the rear of the sanctuary. If there is some other area you would like to serve, please see one of the deacons for assistance.

How is your leadership set up?

We believe the local body of Christ is best governed by a fellowship of elders. This group of men, known as the Session, both oversee the congregation’s corporate spiritual growth and guide the direction of church ministry. Serving also with the elders are deacons, whose responsibilities include caring for the property and ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of those inside and outside the church. Both our elders and deacons are elected by congregational vote on the basis of the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Together, the service of the elders and the deacons furthers the gospel ministry in word and deed. More information about our form of church government can be found in the Book of Church Order.

If I have a need or concern, who should I contact?

It is our duty and privilege to care for our members, their families, and the community at large. If you need prayer or other assistance, please contact our benevolence committee.