Sunday School Classes

At Christ Presbyterian, we believe that Sunday School is a fantastic opportunity for members and guests to study the Bible and fellowship together. We have the following classes for all ages beginning at 9:15 AM each Sunday:

Toddlers: Rachel Matheny, Christi Williams, Courtney McCool, and Carol Calvert in the toddler nursery
preK/Kinder: Penny and Stanley Gibson, Erin Bower in the Sunday School wing
1st/2nd: Amanda and Normal Dean, Michael Stafford in the Sunday School wing
3rd/4th/5th: Leslie and John Jeffery, Amy Drown in the Sunday School wing
Middle School: Cindy and Wayne Johnson in the Sunday School wing
High School: Glen Doughty upstairs in the Church House

For adults, we have the following two options:

How Long O Lord?–This Sunday school study, team taught by Matthew Elliott and Daron Drown, focuses in on the reality and inevitability of suffering in the life of the Christian.  Following portions of D.A. Carson’s book, How Long O Lord?, the lessons will trace several themes, topics, and reflections on the difficulties we face as disciples of Christ.  This study will build a Biblical framework for suffering, address difficult topics such as grief and death, answer objections regarding the problem of pain, and encourage the believer to live out their suffering in light of eternity.  This Sunday school will meet in the Church House on the first floor.  Book purchases are not necessary.

Taking God at His Word–This is a study of the doctrine of Scripture, and will be based on the book by Kevin DeYoung, Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me. The class will be team taught by Mike and the Session, and will cover topics such as the necessity of the Word, the clarity of Scripture, why the Word is our final authority on all matters of life and faith, and what these affirmations mean in practical terms.  This study will be held in the Worship Center.