Men’s Ministry

Strong churches are built by having committed men who lead their families and their church. Christ Presbyterian’s Men’s Ministry is for all men to come and grow in their Christian faith. We seek to challenge one another with the word of God, bonding together as servant leaders in our families and communities. We accomplish this through bible studies, men’s retreats, and through other opportunities for service.

Men’s Ministry Vision

I. Our Vision
To become men that glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever.

II. Our Blueprint Summary
To become men that live to glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever we must earnestly seek to know Him. To know Him requires the thoughtful study of His Word (His will for our lives), its application in our lives and the unity and accountability of our brotherhood. In addition to personal commitment to this end, a five year blueprint has been developed to foster the equipping and encouragement of the men of our church.

The foundation of our blueprint is our faithful attendance in corporate worship, being equipped through Bible Study on the Lord’s Day, and our diligent study of God’s Word. In addition to this firm foundation, we will set out to have bi-yearly studies focused on equipping us to grow in the knowledge and emulation of Jesus Christ, foster one-on-one interactions and support, and enjoy rich fellowship opportunities, thereby becoming men that glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever.

III. Iron Sharpening Iron

As men we tend to work alone and are often reluctant to express our needs and weaknesses. We will endeavor to foster a safe and open environment so men can meet with men, one-on-one, to support, encourage, and mentor each other. Men are encouraged to reach out to each other or, if desired, seek assistance from the men’s ministry coordinator or a member of the session to facilitate connections.

IV. Bible Studies

The men’s ministry has periodic retreats and studies, so check the calendar for upcoming events.

V. Fellowship
Our blueprint also includes encouraging and fostering various fellowship opportunities for men to get to know each other and strengthen brotherly bonds. Whereas the church leadership will organize certain events, men are encouraged to seek various ways to fellowship and get to know each other better. Please share ideas with the men’s ministry coordinator.

VI. Senior Fellows
Senior Fellows is primarily for, but not limited to, men no longer working. The goal is to grow men spiritually, build and strengthen relationships between guys and unify and strengthen the group to support the Church and Community.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings consist of a devotional and an activity (like golfing, hiking, fishing, target practice, continued learning, etc). We also seek and undertake help projects in support of Church Leadership, Church Members and Community. In short we want to support each other and others in need and enjoy doing it.

All men including visitors are welcome and encouraged to become active members. Most of our outings will be during the week, but we will try to accommodate all. For more information, contact Joe Sims at