Announcements and Order of Worship – April 6 2018

Sermon Preview

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This coming Lord’s Day we are returning to the story that we have been tracking for a good while now—the account of the rise and fall of King Saul, Israel’s first king. And we are well on our way to an investigation of another of Israel’s kings, King David. But before we get to David’s amazing story, we need to wrap up things with Saul. And there is something most important for us to get a hold on before we go any further.

One of the great, and perhaps surprising, things that we have been discovering along the way is that the Old Testament has much to teach us about being faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. And that is one of the reasons that we have been taking our time tracing some of the great events in the history of salvation as God’s wonderful plan of redemption beautifully unfolds on the pages of the ‘Older Testament.’  And seeing that the Old Covenant Scriptures eventually point us to our Savior, we should expect that we will also encounter some inspired examples that demonstrate to us what a faithful life of service to our Lord entails and demands. Just as we find the beauty and blessings of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ foreshadowed in the Old Testament, we also discover a foreshadowing of the life of a faithful disciple as well.

This week we will be looking very carefully at 1 Samuel 15:24-35, and our subject will be confessionconfession of sin. What we will discover from the life of Saul is an important lesson for all Christian disciples—how not to confess our sins. It will help if you go back and read the entire fifteenth chapter once again, and when you do you will readily observe how Saul provides us with a negative example, but an example nonetheless. I look forward to exploring this passage with you as we come before our Lord and Savior in worship and in adoration this Sunday!

Before I go, let me remind our men and young men that our final session of the Men’s Spring Bible Study will be this Sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:00 PM at the Church. We will bring our study of Psalms to a close with a focus upon Psalm 46, 73, and 150.

I love you all so very much!


Upcoming Events:

April 3, 9:00 AM – Senior Fellows Breakfast
April 7, 10:00 AM – Mother/Daughter Tea Party
April 8, 2:30 PM – Men’s Spring Bible Study
April 8, 3:30 PM – Alleluia Choir at Church House
April 8, 4:30 PM – Youth Group
April 10, 9:00 AM – Women’s Book Study
April 10, 6 PM – Women’s Evening Study
April 11, 9:30 AM – Women’s Morning Study
April 12, 6 AM – Men’s Morning Study
April 18, 6 PM – Diaconate Meeting
April 21, 11:00 AM – Providence Presbytery Spring Youth Event at Westminster Pres
April 26, 6:30 PM – Women’s Quarterly Potluck at home of Sarah Burgess
May 3, 11:30 AM – Women’s Monthly Lunch

Order of Worship:

You can access this week’s Order of Worship by clicking here

The songs for this week are:

Jesus, What A Friend For Sinners – Hymn 498, vs 1-2,5
Abide With Me
Holy, Holy, Holy – Hymn 100, all 4 verses


Youth Group: Youth Group meets again on April 8 at the church at 4:30 PM for all students in grades 6-12. Invite friends and neighbors!

Women’s Bible Studies: The Women’s weekly studies are ongoing. The Tuesday evening study is at 6 PM, while the Wednesday morning study is at 9:30 AM.

Men’s Bible Study: The Men’s Morning Bible Study is also back in action, meeting every other Thursday. Check the calendar for the next occurrence.

Men’s Spring Bible Study: The Men’s Spring Bible Study of the Psalms wraps up April 8 at 2:30 PM. All men are encouraged to attend. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Cooper at or 256-698-6556

Women’s Monthly Lunch: The next Women’s Monthly Lunch is April 5 at 11:30 AM.

Visitor Luncheon: There will be a luncheon for all guests, and any members of CPC wishing to join us, immediately following worship on Sunday, April 22, at the home of Rich and Christina Bagdazian: 2614 Legacy Preserve Drive, Brownsboro. Please sign up in the Narthex today.

Women’s Book Club: Life is busy for mothers and we need each other for support and encouragement. To meet that need, a new spring book study will begin on April 3. We will meet on Tuesday mornings from 9 to 10:30 at the church for six weeks. Childcare provided.  We will read Treasuring Christ when your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman.

Our meeting will be informal and conversational with time for prayer. Please let me know if you can join us and how many children you’ll be bringing!
In Christ,
Amy Schnorrenberg

Women’s Quarterly Potluck: The next Women’s Quarterly Potluck will be at the home of Sarah Burgess on April 26 at 6:30 PM. The address is 3009 Twelvestones Rd in Owens Cross Roads. Please make plans to attend.

Meals: Both the Hill’s and Stafford’s will need a few more meals in the next couple of weeks, so I added some dates to each of the meal schedules below. Thank you so much for such a wonderful response to loving on these families in such a tangible way!  If you would like to provide a meal click on the links below to see the open dates. If you have any questions let me know!

Thank you!
Erica McNeese


Alleluia Choir: Alleluia Choir for Grades 2-6 continues to meet on Sunday afternoons in April at 3:30 pm. The choir will offer an end-of-year program entitled “Praise Is. . .” on Sunday, April 29th, 4:00 pm in the church Fellowship Room. The congregation is invited to attend.

Children’s Ministry Update: We have so many good things coming up in the Children’s Ministry, and it’s an exciting time to be a covenant child at Christ Pres 🙂

We are rounding the corner on our last quarter of Sunday school and are thankful for all our teachers who have worked hard this year. If any of you want to be involved in next year’s Sunday school program, please email me anytime. I’d love to talk to you more about our needs.
A few things for you guys to know and be praying about….
**We are without one of our sweet baby nursery volunteers as of this week (she’s injured herself for long-term), so for each of you who have signed up for the rest of the quarter, we will most certainly need you to work your shift on Sunday morning. Thank you for volunteering! The signup was HERE. If you have any connections with a trustworthy woman who might like to work with us on Sunday mornings, please email me at
**I’ll be attending the PCA’s Children’s Ministry Leadership Conference April 10-12 at Ridgehaven in North Carolina (our denomination’s camp). Super excited to attend sessions like “Theology in Children’s Ministry Matters,” Nursery Age Discipleship,” “Child Safety,” and “Training Children in Worship.” Please be in prayer for me as I travel with some other local children’s leaders and attend this worthy training event.
**VBS Leadership meeting will be Sunday, April 22nd at 3:30 at the church house while the kids are in choir. Click here to sign up to lead an area of our exciting program and plan to attend the short meeting.
Thank you for supporting our children in the many ways that you do!
In Christ,
Books for Munster Bible College: Seth and Jessica Lewis, our missionaries to Ireland have been helping Munster Bible College in the Cork area. MBC offers three Bible courses a year with world class lecturers to provide training for church leadership. We can be of assistance by providing BOOKS for the growing library. A goal is 25 new books this year from our church. 5 have already been purchased and put on the shelves! So that leaves 20 more! We are using to order and ship the books from the U.K. They provide free shipping, discounts and specials. The shipping costs for us from the US would be quite high even if we collected donated books. This eliminates that! We are also using book suggestion lists from some of the visiting professors and Mike Calvert. Currently there is a need for books on Apologetics and church history. If you would like to help in this project you can give a money donation in the form of a check with the notation MBC books and put it in the offering box. If you have any questions or suggestions contact person is Judi Fikes. Please contact her at
Thank you for your help!

Providence Presbytery Spring Youth Event: Westminster Pres is hosting a Presbytery Youth Event at their church on April 21st from 11-4. For more details, visit the Facebook group here

Prayer Requests:

Healing: Please pray for the health of the following individuals: Debbie Hill, Allison Randall, Perry Calvert, Suzanne Nimon, Robin Holloway, Chris Smotherman, Elizabeth Holton, Janet Chou, Ramona Edwards, and Nolan Osmer.
Expecting: Please pray for the the Stafford and Dean families, expecting in April, and the Elliott family, expecting in September.
Ministries: Please pray for the following missionaries and ministries: Seth and Jessica Lewis (Ireland); Steve and Rita Williams (New Zealand); Vinnie and Molly Athey (RUF at UAH); RUF at Alabama A&M; Ken and Angie Burnett (FCA); Franky Garcia (seminary student).