Announcements – April 16 2021

Sermon Preview:

My Dear Ones in Christ Jesus Our Lord,

As you prepare your hearts for Lord’s Day worship this Sunday, let me encourage you to reflect upon Hebrews 9:11-14. This will serve as the text for our message, which is entitled, “ Redemption Accomplished and Applied.”

Some of you might recognize that I have respectfully borrowed this sermon title from the wonderful book by the late Scottish theologian Dr. John Murray, Redemption: Accomplished and Applied (Eerdmans, 1955). In this book, Dr. Murray presents a detailed argument for the absolute necessity of our Lord’s death upon the cross. And he shows that the Bible makes it undeniably clear that our Lord’s atoning death is the very center, the heart and soul, of the Christian faith.

In the opening chapter, he states that the Biblical evidence demonstrates conclusively that it is,

impossible for [God] to save sinners without vicarious sacrifice and inherently necessary, therefore, that salvation freely and sovereignly determined, should be accomplished by the blood-shedding of the Lord of glory” (p. 13).

Salvation, then, is all about the blood of Christ!

As you consider our sermon text, you will see that the author of the inspired Epistle provides the evidence that Dr. Murray has referred to. Redemption may be secured only by the death of Christ, by the shedding of His blood.

On Sunday, we will prayerfully explore this passage from Hebrews 9, trusting the Spirit of God to open our eyes so that we might stand in awe of God’s mercy and love, and then become the faithful servants of His kingdom that we must be.

New Adult Sunday School Class Starts This Sunday!

Having completed our study of Esther, we will take the next few weeks to examine Romans 1-11. I am teaching this short sequence of lessons in view of our Summer Preaching Series on Romans 12.

Of course, Romans 12:1 commences with the word “ Therefore,” and this transition points the reader back to all that has been written in the first eleven chapters. Please join us as we trace out the rich themes that lead up to chapter twelve.

I love you all so much!!



Spring Picnic:

Save the date for the upcoming church picnic on May 2. This year’s picnic will be a potluck, so please watch for a sign-up this week for helping out. Church will provide grilled chicken tenders and drinks. It’s going to be a fabulous time of fellowship and fun!

Youth Group:

Youth Group meets April 25 at 4:30 PM at the church house.

Children’s Ministry:

Summer Bible Club:

We are excited to kick-off a summer of activities in our children’s ministry! We have really fun things planned with lots of opportunities for fellowship. Our first event will be our Summer Bible Club (modified VBS) on June 10th and 11th. We will spend time studying the themes in the book of Joshua, where godly characters like Joshua, Caleb, and Rahab, lend themselves well to teaching our Olympic “Athletes” who God is, what it means to be on God’s Team, and how to run the race of faith. The story of the people of Israel in the Bible is the story of how God loves and cares for His Team! Before I send out the official announcement for our summer line-up, I need to firm up my SBC volunteers. During these crazy uncertain times, I want to be sure we have the structure in place first! This is a modified VBS, so it is VERY simple.

  • 10:00-10:15 Welcome and Singing in the Education Wing
  • 10:15-11:00 Breakout Sessions
  • Gospel-centered teaching led by small group leaders – broken up by age. This would be similar to our Sunday school setup/teaching. Super easy for anyone to teach! I promise!
  • 11:00-11:15 Outdoor Snack
  • 11:15-12:00 Outdoor Games & Dismissal/Pickup by parents

We will do a Friday night fellowship/dinner following SBC with some fun surprises. Make plans to join us!

Please let me know if you can volunteer by clicking HERE.

Again, I cannot do this without help from the congregation, so please consider this small way to serve our children 🙂 Teachers for each breakout group will be my biggest need so please consider. Thanks!


We are so excited to have had an increased number of children in our nursery! We now feel the need to have a flex volunteer to assist our nursery workers during church service on any given week. The volunteer should arrive at the nursery after Sunday School and help welcome the children in. When service begins, if there are three or fewer children, the volunteer may then go to worship (or stay if you’d like). With more than three children, we ask that you stay and assist our workers in any way needed (this usually means playing with our sweet babies!).  Any Chris Pres woman or young lady (12 and up) who would like to serve our parents and children in this capacity can sign up at the link below. We plan to continue this system through the summer and will prayerfully return to our regular two nurseries in the fall.

Thank you for being such a wonderful body that loves and cares for our parents and children so well!

Women’s Ministry:

Danno Cummings, son of Tim and Carol, will be married this coming June to the lovely Jasper Williamson (also of Huntsville). They are both students at Auburn. We will not be having an in-person shower, but you can still bless them in two ways:

**Donation towards a cash gift. Click HERE, type in the amount, click “Give One Time” then under Funds, choose “Shower Gift.” The church will send a check and card “from the Christ Pres Church Family” once we have closed donations.

**Dropping a gift off in the Narthex. I have listed their registries at the bottom. Please drop any gifts or cards on the hospitality table until April 25th.

Danno and Jasper’s Registries:
Crate and Barrel
Church Cash Gift


The weekly bible study and fellowship for career/singles has resumed at 5:30 PM Sunday evenings at the home of Jim and Sharon Daughtry.

Senior Fellows:

The Senior Fellows have an ongoing weekly Bible study on Tuesdays from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. We will use the Zoom virtual meeting application to study The Last Days According to Jesus by R.C. Sproul. The topics for the 12 week series are listed below. Church members are welcome to join us. For further information, email us at

Apr. 20 – The Beast
Apr. 27 – The Rapture
May 4 – The Millennium

The Senior Fellows will resume their in-person breakfast meetings on Tuesday, May 11. The first breakfast will feature Jack Loose presenting his testimony and life story. All church members are welcome to attend. Breakfast will be at 9:00 AM, and Jack’s program will start at 10:00 AM. Please notify us at if you plan to join us for breakfast.

Prayer Requests:

Healing: Please pray for the health of the following individuals: Dave Angotti, Dustin and Katie Jackson, Zig and Virdia Jastrebski, Ramona Edwards, Bill Dent, Jacky Haynes, Steve Terry, Bill Cowley, Larrabee Kirkland, and Elizabeth Holton.
Expecting: Please pray for the Deans, expecting in July.
Ministries: Please pray for the following missionaries and ministries: Seth and Jessica Lewis (Ireland); Steve and Rita Williams (New Zealand); Noah and Karleigh Stephens (Thailand); Vinnie and Molly Athey (RUF at UAH); Amos and Jessica Williams (RUF at Alabama A&M); Ken and Angie Burnett (FCA); Franky and Alaina Garcia (church plant in Canada); Dieter Paulson (church plant in Scottsboro, AL); Gannon Miles (seminary student); The Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center.

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