Monday Encouragement

the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials”–2 Peter 2:9

My Beloved Family in Christ Our Lord,

Ever since 9/11, we’ve shared a collective, and much deeper, appreciation for those men and women who serve us so courageously as First Responders. And once again, just recently, we have seen them in action, risking life and limb in the effort to find survivors in the debris of the collapsed condominium complex in south Florida.

If we look to the West, we see them in the forests where wildfires are raging and so many are in harm’s way at this very moment. And today, in every State in the Union, rescues will be carried out. First Responders will appear at the scene of car and plane crashes, medical emergencies, fires, violent storms, floods, and accidents of all types. And every day going forward will bring the same, like clockwork–a never-ending stream of people who need to be rescued from some sort of peril.

If you think for a moment about what makes a good First Responder, or rescuer, several key qualities surface immediately.

You have to have knowledge of emergency situations of all types and levels of severity, as well as expertise in the technical and medical interventions necessary to save lives.

You have to be available in order to respond at all times and under every conceivable situation.

You have to possess a willingness to put your life on the line each day, sometimes several times in one day!

And, it’s just obvious that you must be present at the scene of the need, for no rescue can be effected virtually or from a distance.

All of this is what makes Peter’s statement in 2 Peter 2:9 so very reassuring. Here, he speaks of the “ rescue” of those who are “ godly.” That is, the spiritual deliverance of those who have Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

This “ rescue,” however, is the one that we need each day, many times over. It is to be distinguished from that initial deliverance that was brought about when we first trusted in Jesus; the one referenced in Colossians 1:13, where Paul declares that, “ He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son” (NASB). The “ rescue” that Peter has in mind is the one we need today, and the one we will need every day going forward.

Not only have we been rescued, we are always being rescued!

So, here is the promise that the One who saved us in the first place by means of a mighty deliverance from sin, evil, and death, is the very One who performs the “ rescue” we need today from our many “ trials”!

This wonderful truth implies several things, both about us and about our Lord and Savior.

First, it tells us that we will frequently be in situations of peril and trial in this life. This is simply the way it will go for all of us until our Lord returns. All throughout the duration of our Christian lives, we will need rescuing! The world, the flesh, and the devil are our persistent and dangerous enemies, constantly seeking our destruction. We will always be surrounded by hostile forces. Spiritual dangers are everywhere.

It is also implied here that we need help. That is, that we cannot extract ourselves from the trials that we experience. The enemies that we face, the temptations that confront us, and the various tests that we shall encounter are much bigger and stronger that we are. We need someone to deliver us!

But we also discover some wonderful things about our Lord in this verse.

In the first place, He is present with us, always! He is able to deliver us because He is always here! He is not only close to us, for by His Spirit He dwells within us! And when we speak His name and call out to Him in our distress, He hears with perfect clarity, for He is never far away!

He also possesses infallible and comprehensive knowledge of everything. With the fullness of His omniscience, He “ knows how” to save us in every possible situation. Nothing we face will ever surprise or confound Him, ever!

And then, He is faithful! He never fails. He never suffers the frustration of His efforts to deliver us in our time of need. His record of successful rescues is perfect, for not one of His elect sheep has ever been lost!

On this new Monday, be encouraged that the Lord “ knows how to rescueyou! You will face no trial that He has not ordained for your good and His glory. His deliverance will come right on time! He is here with you. He is always holding you up in His omnipotence and grace. He has paid for you with the blood of His Son, and He is not about to let you go, or will He allow Satan to have his way with you! He is standing guard over you right now and always, on duty 24/7!

Today, He will hear your cry, and He will “ send you help from the sanctuary, and support you from Zion!” (Psalm 20:2). Call upon Him now, for, “ The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, and His ears are toward their cry for help” (Psalm 34:15).

I love you so much, and hold you in my heart and in my prayers always,