Announcements – May 6 2022

Sermon Preview:

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

Our sermon for this coming Lord’s Day will focus upon the words of the Apostle Peter in his First Epistle. In 1:23-25 he gives us insight into how it was that we came into possession of eternal life in Christ our Savior and Lord:

you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God; for ‘All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.’ And this word is the good news that was preached to you.”

In these inspired verses we see that the Church, the very children of God and the body of Christ, is ‘A People of the Word.’ Upon the authority of God Himself, we understand that the Church was, in effect, created by God’s self-revelation in the written Scriptures. That means that each of us who have been saved by God’s mercy and grace in Christ Jesus have experienced, in the most personal way, the very power of God’s voice, His mighty Word!

On Sunday, we will explore this subject more fully as we seek to discover in what ways we are ‘A People of the Word’ and how we may remain such people.

Pray for Vacation Bible School

From June 6-9 our little ones will be studying God’s Word and learning more about their Lord and Savior. Doubtless, there are many of us who can recall having wonderful and life-changing experiences in VBS as children. It was through VBS that I was further prompted to love God’s Word, the Gospel message, to embrace the Savior, and to experience the love of my Church family as they invested in me by means of their time and their prayers. Let me encourage you to begin praying even now for our little ones and for Ashley Turnbull, Amanda Dean, and Erin Bower, and our entire staff of volunteers who will assist them.

This Week in Adult Sunday School

All of us have become very familiar with the term ‘Progressive.’ We hear it used frequently in reference to politics. But it is also a very significant term in matters related to the Scriptures and the Gospel. This week will investigate the rise of Theological Progressivism within the Evangelical Church. We will first attempt to define it, and then we will compare it to what faithful evangelicals have always believed to be true.

I hope to see you all this Lord’s Day, and I love you all dearly!



Church Directory:

If you haven’t yet, please use the link below to sign up in the new church directory.

New Members Class:

Sunday May 15, 2:00-6:00 PM in the Fellowship Area. A supper will be served. Sign Up for the class today at the table in the Narthex.

Children’s Ministry:

VBS is LIVE! We are utilizing the new Planning Center program. You will click the link HERE, log in to your PC account, and select those you want to register. For example, I can choose to register myself and Kate as “volunteers” and the boys as “attendees.” It will allow you to choose t-shirt size, include allergy information, and pay.

Please register both volunteers (adult/youth) and children. You’ll receive a confirmation email once completed. This is how we will communicate with volunteers, order t-shirts, place youth/children in age groups, and check-in attendees.

Feel free to invite a friend, neighbor, or cousin! Registration will be open until mid May. Amanda and Erin still need help, so reach out to them if you are able!

Youth Group:

Below you will find the Winter/Spring dates for youth group, which meets at 4:30 PM at the church house.
May 22nd

Senior Fellows:

On Tues., May 10 Senior Fellows will hike/fish/picnic at the Green Mountain Nature Trail. On Tues., May 24 Senior Fellows will attend the Trash Panda Baseball Game. On June 7 at 9 AM the Senior Fellows will have breakfast and fellowship in the fellowship hall. Please email us at if you plan to join us.

Senior Sisters:

The next meeting will be at 9 AM on May 12 at Libby Loose’s house. For sign up and any questions you may have please contact Kathy Cooper, Kathy Hightower, or Suellen Dempsey.

Women’s Ministry:

Monthly Lunch: Our next monthly luncheon will be on June 2 beginning at 11 AM at the Timbers Edge Clubhouse located at 1 Timbers Main, Brownsboro. It’s potluck – feel free to bring a dish or just yourself. If you have questions or transportation needs please contact Pat Galecki at 256-244-0612

Panera Bread Summer Fellowships: There will be fellowship dinners at Panera Bread on Airport Rd at 5:30 PM on May 11, 18, and 25.

Quarterly Dinner: Our next Women’s Quarterly Dinner is coming up at the home of Sherry Hearn on May 19 at 5:30 PM. The address is 2903 Tantallon Dr Owens Cross Rds AL 35763. Contact Sherry @ 615-478-5789 if you have any questions. The theme is Italian Potluck Night. Sherry will be providing water, tea, coffee and ice as well as plates, cups, napkins and silverware. We will need to bring the main dishes including salads, bread, appetizers, pastas and desserts. Below you will find the link to the Perfect Potluck meal signup. Hope you can join us

Quarterly Dinner Dish Signup


Career/Singles meet on Sundays at the Daughtry home at 5:30 PM.

Prayer Requests:

Healing: Please pray for the health of the following individuals: Virdia Jastrebski, Ramona Edwards, Bill Dent, Cynthia Dent, Steve Terry, Bill Cowley, Elizabeth Holton, and Jean Terry. Additional details may be found in the Ministries/Prayer Requests section of the church website.
Expecting: Please pray for the Jacksons (June); the Thornhills (August); the Thompsons (September).
Ministries: Please pray for the following missionaries and ministries: Seth and Jessica Lewis (Ireland); Steve and Rita Williams (New Zealand); Noah and Karleigh Stephens (Thailand); Vinnie and Molly Athey (RUF at UAH); Marcus and Jessica Nobles (RUF at Alabama A&M); Ken and Angie Burnett (FCA); Franky and Alaina Garcia (church plant in Canada); Dieter Paulson (church plant in Scottsboro, AL); Gannon Miles (seminary student); The Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center.

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