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The Greatest Mystery of All

Rev. Michael Calvert, Ph.D., July 22, 2018
Part of the Colossians series.

For me, one of the most exciting kinds of movies or television shows is the mystery. I am especially fond of the TV documentaries that tell the story of a crime that has been committed, and then it follows the investigative processes that are used to solve it. And some of you will remember that once-popular board game Clue. We used to play it for hours, enjoying the thrill of trying to figure out who was guilty of murder (was it Mr. Green, or Colonel Mustard?). Mysteries are most intriguing, and virtually anyone can become enthralled in a good ‘who done it.’

The reason I bring this up is because within the Word of God there is a grand mystery, the greatest of all! Paul speaks of it in Colossians 1:25-29. It is a most magnificent mystery, and it has something to do with each of us who belong to our Savior. However, this mystery is different than other mysteries. We don’t have to figure it out, for it has been revealed by God. And this mystery involves something infinitely more important than the solution to a crime!

This coming Lord’s day we will consider this passage from Paul’s letter to his friends at Colossae. And we will learn about this wonderful mystery that was once “hidden” within the types, shadows, and promises of the Old Testament, but has now been “revealed” in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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