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The New Self, Part Three

Rev. Michael Calvert, Ph.D., September 23, 2018
Part of the Colossians series.

This coming Sunday, our message will be taken from Colossians 3:12-14. The main subject at hand in this section of Paul’s letter, continuing from verses 1-10, is the “new self” (v. 10) which all who are in Christ now possess. By God’s grace, we are all “new creations” in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17).

And here in Colossians 3, Paul has also introduced us to the phrases “put to death” and “put off.” And we spent some time last week considering that list of terrible things that must be removed from our lives as we increasingly grow in Christ-like character.

On Sunday, we will consider the ‘other side of the fence,’ or what we must “put on” as we seek to follow our Lord. Beginning in verse 12, Paul provides a list of the beautiful virtues that should be progressively evident in our lives as the power of God’s Spirit gradually transforms us into the image of the Son.

This week we will consider the first two on Paul’s list; “compassionate hearts,” and “kindness.”