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The New Self, Part Five

Rev. Michael Calvert, Ph.D., October 7, 2018
Part of the Colossians series.

For the last several weeks we have been examining Colossians 3:12-13 where the Apostle Paul is setting before us the beautiful new clothes that we are to “put on” as members of the body of Christ and as new creations by God’s grace. As we have learned, this new ‘wardrobe’ is depicted by several virtues, or character traits, that Paul includes in these verses. Each of them are descriptions of the character of our Lord Jesus, the lovely fruit of our faith in Him, and the special virtues that the Holy Spirit produces within the heart of every believer.

While these traits may be seen in all people, regardless of their relationship to Christ—for example, we might know someone who is especially kind or humble—the virtues listed here by Paul are those that are produced uniquely by the Holy Spirit. And they are meant to be reveled and demonstrated in the life of every believer in the Church, regardless of one’s personality or temperament.

It is also critical that we remember that these virtues are to flourish in us within the context of our relationships with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. They are meant to be expressed within the fellowship of the body of Christ. These are the virtues that should control our relationships with one another.

So far, we have examined three of these virtues: “compassionate hearts,” “kindness,” and “humility.” On Sunday we will look at two more that appear in verse 12: “meekness” and “patience.”