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More Glory than Moses

Rev. Michael Calvert, Ph.D., April 26, 2020
Part of the Hebrews series.

This coming Sunday, we will continue our series from Hebrews. Our text will be Hebrews 3:2-6, and the title of the message is, “ More Glory Than Moses!”

As you pray and prepare your heart to hear God’s Word, you might take a moment or two in order to reflect upon the incredible ministry of Moses.

Take some time to trace the story of his remarkable life and ministry from where we first meet him in Exodus 2. And then follow the path forward through his life as a child in Pharaoh’s house, then on to become the man through whom God delivered the Covenant people from the clutches of Egypt. And then consider his leadership of the nation in the wilderness, and finally his ministry to them as the mediator of God’s Holy Law at Sinai. ‘Amazing’ is about the only word we can use to capture this man’s life and times!

But in Hebrews 3:3, the author of this inspired Epistle makes the staggering claim that, “ Jesus has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses”!

What could this mean? Why would the author say this?

I can’t wait to open the Word of the Lord with you this Sunday!

Thank you again for your prayers as we record the message tomorrow morning. It will be ready for viewing, along with our worship guide, early on Sunday.