August 20, 2023

Have You Not Read that He Who Created Them Made Them Male and Female? – Part Three

Passage: Matthew 19:4
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This coming Lord’s Day we will take our third and final look at Savior’s convicting question set forth in the words of Matthew 19:4. Our focus will be upon what this question says about human sexuality and marriage.
As we have observed previously, the question posed by our Lord that day takes us into the very heart of all that is under vigorous debate in our world today.  The claims of Jesus, recorded for us in these verses, address directly the most critical matters of all.  Here is God’s authoritative Word on human gender, the gift of sexual intimacy, and the Divine institution and glorious purpose for marriage.
I hope you will pray fervently for the proclamation of our Lord’s Word as we gather before Him this Sunday in worship and adoration.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower both the preaching and the hearing of the Word, and that we will have our minds renewed and our hearts reestablished in an ever deepening love for our King!